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New DWsigned. we Must Try..

On » Monday, August 17, 2009 //

-2+ Weekend House-
The new design is a container house with a difference - it's made with containers manufactured expressly for housing (vs. cargo containers). Designed by Jure Kotnik Arhitekt. It is pretty!"As opposed to the other container projects, which mostly feed on the excess of available cargo containers, ConHouse pushes the development of containers manufactured especially for housing and office purposes." The 2+ Weekend House is a two-level mini housing unit composed of two containers perpendicular to each other.
The upper container provides a projecting roof above the entrance as well as serves to shelter the back terrace.
The ceiling of the bottom container is also a terrace of the first floor. "The system's modular nature enables containers to be added to or subtracted from the compound as needed, so that the ConHouse can grow or contract depending on the actual spatial needs of the people using it. Lower prices of such live/work units make them competitive as compared to traditional housing and are intended to increase the number of home-owners, who can then use the extra cash to expand their living space or invest more into interior design."
at malaysia, it maybe the crazy house cause the people cannot see the creative n innovative system they used. maybe the environment in some place not same.
why we did't try/apply this design in malaysia. we are the civil engineer..

2 Response to "New DWsigned. we Must Try.."

[+] yAyA [+] Says:

kontena yg dkaburi oleh corak yg kiut. dunie niy. pandai jew yeh. tp cantek. hehe.

Unknown Says:

yup.. memang design die lawa smcm, menarik.

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